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Motor Vehicle Training School is The Bahamas’ #1 Certified Driver’s License course. With Classes A, B, and C, see what we offer you today!

Commercial Driver's License for Experts

Discover the leading institution, Motor Vehicle Training School, empowering commercial drivers in classes A, B, and C to excel. Unlock unrivaled opportunities for advancement and become a driving force in your career.

Our Mission

We are driven to provide high-quality training and comprehensive driver literacy, resulting in official certification.

Our Vision

We strive to teach and cultivate an elite driving force, capable of maneuvering and operating all forms of heavy equipment.

Our Goal

We aim to become the premier training facility in the region with responsibility for providing a workforce of trained and certified drivers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Certified Driving License classes? Feel free to contact us today, to find out information for all the classes we have to offer you.

To enroll, you need to be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver's license, and meet any additional requirements outlined by your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

The duration of the training program varies depending on the class and specific course you choose. Generally, programs range from a few weeks to a few months.

Yes, we offer classes A, B, and C and comprehensive training programs for each class of commercial driver's license (CDL). Our instructors tailor the training to meet the specific requirements and skills needed for each class.

Absolutely! Our training programs are designed to prepare you for the CDL exams. We provide thorough instruction and support to help you pass the required tests and obtain your CDL.

Yes, we have strong connections with local trucking companies and employers in the transportation industry. We offer job placement assistance to our qualified graduates, helping them kick-start their careers as professional drivers.

We recommend checking with local organizations or government agencies that provide financial aid or grants for vocational training. Scholarships or loans may be available there.

Absolutely! Our training programs include practical, hands-on instruction where you'll gain experience with vehicle operation, maneuvering, and essential driving skills.

Yes, you will be required to pass written exams to demonstrate your knowledge of traffic rules, regulations, and safety practices as part of the training program.

Yes, having driving experience can be beneficial, and we have programs tailored for individuals at different skill levels. Your prior experience may accelerate your progress.

Simply fill out our online application form, and our admissions team will guide you through the next steps, including any required documentation and program selection.